The Rotary Club of Westfield is one of over 13,000 local clubs in 200 countries and geographical regions, which together constitute Rotary International. As a member of our club, you will join over 1.2 million Rotarians througout the world, united by common desire to improve the world we share. As a member, you are welcome at any Rotary club meeting anywhere in the world. The size and scope of Rotary International has allowed us to tackle some very big things, including the campaign to eliminate polio from the world and the campaign to supply pure water to all.
All Rotary clubs throughout the world support the Rotary International Foundation, and work with the foundation  to make the world a better place through projects both big and small. International projects typically involve one or more clubs in the target country and one or more clubs in other countries who donate money and, quite often, hands-on volunteer time in the target countries. This structure allows clubs in different countries to work together. This assures that Rotary projects are realistic and directed to a real need in the target country, identified by local people rather than some remote bureaucracy. It also assures that money is well spent. Rotary International Foundation is consistently ranked among the top charitable organizations in the world for efficiency.  To find out more about Rotary International Foundation, click here.
There is no better way to become involved in the world, and to meet new people throughout the world.