The families of St Joseph’s Social Service Center/The Elizabeth Coalition are in crisis. With schools closed, the school lunches many students depend on are not available, and they aren’t receiving the “second lunch Tuesday” sandwiches Westfield schools have provided for many years. With this program on hold while our schools are closed, Westfield Rotarians are trying to fill this need.  Some of the food collected last week is shown in the photo below, but the need remains and grows daily.
WE NEED YOUR HELP! For details about how you can help, click "Read More"
Donate Food Through Rotary-

Please drop off food donations before 11:00 am each Wednesday. There are 2 drop-off locations in Westfield- north side at the home of Ellen Windorf, 529 Hanford Place., and south side at the home of Ray Kostyack, 438 Poe Ave. Drop off the food into bins, and please use gloves. Rotary volunteers will deliver the donated items to StJosephs/Elizabeth.
What To Donate
You can make and contribute sandwiches and drop them at drop locations below.  A pound of sliced meat, a pound of cheese and a loaf of bread makes enough good sandwiches to help. Double the recipe for even more impact!Please make sandwiches, individually wrapped and labeled with ingredients, with no condiments. It is vital that every step of preparation follows safe food handling and sanitation practices; we must eliminate any risk of virus transmission. Sandwiches can be left at the drop locations listed above before 11 am on Wednesday.
Emergency Food Bags-
You can make a bag of food with the items listed below, which will help one family in need. You can also purchase a pre-made bag with these items at ShopRite in Garwood and Elizabeth.  Bags can be left a the drop locations listed abovebefore 11 am on Wednesday.
Donate Direct to StJoe-
Please follow the link below for a list of items needed and drop-off times
If you are able to, please also consider making a financial contribution. You won’t find a more worthy organization.  
Thank you for your support and please feel free to share this story with others.
The Rotary Club of Westfield